Monkey Science?


If you stumbled in to this site expecting a treatise on the synaptic activity of rhesus monkeys forced to watch endless hours of Dancing with the Stars, you should be 1) ashamed of yourself, and 2) forced to watch endless hours of Dancing with the Stars with your eyelids taped open and a battery of cables jammed directly in to your feeble, twitching brain.

If, on the other hand, you came to this site expecting to find the online portfolio of comic-book colorist and pro-wrestling legend Dan Jackson, you have come to the right place. Either way, feel free to poke around and take a look. Good clean family fun, and very nearly free of monkeys.

This site is intended primarily for comics editors and art directors who are thinking about hiring me to do the color work on their projects. Such wise, vital, and good-looking benefactors are especially welcome. The rest of you jerks are welcome too, but try not to make a mess: we get polite company in here from time to time.

The various portfolio sections have been arranged by project type and specific titles. Within each subsection, the samples have been arranged in three to six page sequences (longer in a few cases) to demonstrate depth and continuity. The exception to this is the Pin-Ups and Covers section which contains single-image work.

If you find an image you’d like to see more closely, double clicking that image will bring up a closer view with a “Download” option in the upper right. Clicking on Download will open a larger version of the file in a new browser window.

Alternately, clicking the “Play Slideshow” option in any portfolio section will show you an enlarged view of each image in sequence.

All images in this site are copyright protected by their various creators, licensors, and publishers. Enjoy the images, but don’t plan on doing anything sneaky with them.

I got my eye on you.

Yes, you.


That’s right, Monkey Science.